Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

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Can i use the lucky patcher without rooting my phone?
Yes, You can use Lucky Patcher without rooting your Android device.
Can i hack online games with lucky patcher?
No, you can not. Problem with the online game is they maintain two copies of the gaming data one for the user and another one for the server. We can easily be modified user data with the help of lucky patcher. but they always compare both copies of data. and if they found the data is not matching then they can Ban you even for the lifetime. and that is the reason we highly recommend you to do not try lucky patcher on the online games.
Can i get lucky patcher for iPhone?
The answer is no. Developers of Lucky Pachter have said that they just created Lucky Patcher for Android OS. So it makes it clear that they have not created this app for iOS. so you can’t get lucky patcher for your iPhone.
How do I use Lucky Patcher?
Using Lucky Patcher is very easy. But if you still have a problem then you can read about it in detail here.
Is their any alternative for Lucky Patcher?

There is a lot of options for Lucky Patcher on the Internet. I myself have tested some of them, and to a large extent, they work just like the Lucky Patcher. But I found that lucky patcher has a better user interface and it is also easy to use.

You can find more information here.

Can we hack Clash of Clans using Lucky Patcher?
Are you kidding right? you are asking to hack one of the most played online game. so let me tell you that you can’t hack coc in any way. if you tried then they will ban you for 3 years.
How do I provide root access to Lucky Patcher?
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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
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