Lucky Patcher For PC or Windows

Everybody like to play games on Android.I also like to play games on android but I did rather like to play games on Big Screen. That’s why, I play games on PC the most.If you play games on android devices then you must be familiar with the word Lucky Patcher. You can download lucky patcher for pc from this website.

Let me tell you first that you can also Download Lucky Patcher for PC. You may have know about how you download and install the app Lucky Patcher for android.You can also download and install it for PC. It is absolutely free of cost. We have explained the steps to do so, as given below.

lucky patcher for pc or windows

As we know that windows and android are two different operating systems, we can’t install ‘.apk’ files on windows directly. To do so we need an Android Emulator.There are a bunch of Android Emulators available for this purpose. But for this tutorial, we are going to use ‘BlueStack’.

Why BlueStack?

Because it is the most user-friendly Android Emulator.It is easy to use.

For the better understanding of the user, we divided the entire process of the Installation in the two different phases.

In Phase One, we are going to install BlueStack.

Then in the Second Phase, we will install Lucky Patcher through BlueStack.

Here’s an Easy Guide on “How to install BlueStack on Windows” [ All Versions ]

  1. First we need to download the BlueStack.To download BlueStack, go to the Official Site of BlueStack and click on the “Download button”.
  2. Once the downloading finishes, just  double click on it. It will start your installation process.
  3. To install BlueStack properly, simply follow the instructions displayed on the screen.
  4. The process will take some time.Then BlueStack will be get installed on your PC.
  5. Once you hit the Finish Button, it will ask you to Sign in using Google account.
  6. After that, you need to configure BlueStack similarly as you configure your Android Device first time.
  7. Bingo!!! BlueStack is ready to use.

Now it’s time to “Install Lucky Patcher using BlueStack” [lucky patcher on pc] :

1.Open BlueStack.

2.Browse through the installed apps and open any Browser.

3.Search for the Lucky Patcher app and download the Apk file. [ For the better performance we highly recommend you to always download the latest Version ]


4.Once the download finishes. Install “Lucky Patcher.Apk” file  same as you install any other Android App.

5.To avail most of its features, grant root access to the Lucky Patcher.

That’s it, now lucky patcher is ready to use.

Alternatives For Lucky Patcher 

If you still have any queries related to the installation process of Lucky Patcher on PC, you can contact us through our “Contact Us” page or you can comment us below.

Thank You!

Take a look at this video tutorial:

Lucky Patcher For PC or Windows
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